Windows starter 32 bits

Windows starter 32 bits

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windows 7 starter 32 bit product key

You have lost or scratched your Windows 7 Starter 32 Bits (x86) CD-ROM or simply you bought a second hand computer, but you don’t have the Windows 7 CD-ROM ? No worries, you can download an iso image for free. You need to have a valid license to reinstall your copy of Windows. You will find your license under the PC if it is a laptop or stuck on the tower for a fixed PC.

To install Windows 7 Starter Edition, you will need a license key during the installation process. You can use your own product key, which is usually found on a sticker attached to your PC. You can also use a generic license key.    Note that this generic key will not allow you to activate Windows 7 but only to install it. To know the Windows 7 installation procedure in detail, we invite you to read our guide : How to install Windows 7.

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