Sky blue to go internet

Sky blue to go internet

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Take into account the features, channels offered by each package and the costs of SKY packages. It is also of great importance that before contracting a television package, you should be aware of the mandatory term or time of permanence, installation and contracting costs.

Now in Mexico, SKY has launched the competition in broadband Internet service, called blue to go, SKY subscribers will be able to try the service for the moment only available in Mexico City and metropolitan area.

Fiber optic connection Up to 20 mbs Immediate installation Excellent prices If you are tired of your internet connection not being as infinite and fast as they offer and charge you If you think you are overpaying for your landline plus internet package with benefits you don’t use, it’s time to change your internet connection and sign up for a new service.

Prices registered with the Federal Telecommunications Institute, which can be consulted on the website, for more information on programming packages consult terms and conditions with your Sky advisor, or call 4040 0202 from Mexico City, and 01 800 201 8770 from anywhere in the country.

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SKY’s Live TV service is called Blue To Go, available to all subscribers. We explain the price, how to contract and activate it, and how to watch all your channels over the Internet from a cell phone or a computer.

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Blue To Go is the streaming application of SKY in Mexico, it is a platform where you can watch different contents included in your SKY TV package. It is available to watch live sports, concerts, movies and new series.

This streaming service is not free, unlike those presented by other brands. Users have to pay a monthly fee of $20, with the promotion that includes 30 free days.

Once you have done the process to activate Blue To Go with the steps we gave you above, you will now have to log in to the app or web to be able to watch the exclusive content. The process is easier and is described below:

You get this sign when you can’t play certain content. This is because you cannot watch content that is not available in your package, such as HBO or Fox if you do not have them contracted.

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If you used 150 GB of browsing during the month, you ran out of internet within the fair usage policy and your speed is reduced to 2MBPS no matter which package you have. If you want to continue browsing at your contracted speed you can buy internet packages:

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Blue Telecomm uses AT&T’s data network for its wireless internet coverage so it is important that you check if you have AT&T coverage in your area and how good it is, if you have 4G coverage your Blue Telecomm wireless internet connection will be faster than in areas where you have 3G.

Blue Telecomm’s cable internet and fixed telephony service uses Telcel’s network, so the wired internet coverage depends directly on Infinitum’s coverage with either copper or fiber optic cable.

I always like the service even though I have a few Megas of speed it is very fast and I did not have to install anything and I only paid for the modem. I have had the modem for a month and since the modem arrived they still can’t connect me to the service. You make a payment and they send a modem with no service. When it comes time to contact them, they take detours and channel back and forth to various departments. If you’re just someone who only needs casual stuff, like watching series, downloading a file occasionally or something like that, I’d say it’s a very good option. Check out AT&T’s 4g connection in your area before committing.

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Blue to Go is Sky’s App available to subscribers of Fun, Premium and Sky HD packages to watch On Demand content such as TV channels, sports, concerts, movies, Karaoke among other additional applications.

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Blue To Go is Sky’s streaming platform where you can play content on any mobile device whether on cell phones, tablets or laptops. This service offers special content such as concerts, movies On Demand, live sports and some channels for playback:

Blue To Go subscription: Sky’s Blue To Go service is available only to subscribers with Fun, Fox+, HBO/Max, Universal, Platinum, and SKY HD packages such as Sky HD Black, Sky HD Gold and Sky HD Platinum.

If you have a Fun, Sky HD, Platinum or higher subscription, you will receive 3 months of Blue To Go for free. At the end of this time, you will be charged an additional $20 pesos per month to your package.

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