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One of the purposes of SEIEM, Servicios Educativos Integrados al Estado de México, is to provide knowledge to students, but also to provide them with information and tools to develop skills.

At the same time, another of its purposes is to provide services to teachers, since this sector often does not have the support they need. This organization creates programs for the growth of education, since only in this way can we aspire to improve the conditions of all those involved in the education sector, including students.

You choose whether to view it directly on the Internet, or download it and then print it. The best thing to do is to download it and keep the file in your documents. Just make sure that everything on your voucher is correct, if not, take the necessary measures.

Fortunately, you do have another option to check your payment vouchers, of course this is the most direct way to do it; however, you can also make your query within the My Fone portal.

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Receiving your biweekly paycheck on time for your noble work in the educational field does not indicate that it is accurate. That’s why we’ll tell you how to print your SEP pay stub. Especially if you need it as part of the requirements for a loan or to make a claim. Doing so is very simple and here we will explain how to do it.

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In order to print SEP pay stubs there is a mechanism you must follow. First, enter my portal fone SEP gob mx. Then, you have to follow the next steps, very simple by the way:

So now you have the opportunity to obtain and print pay stubs whenever you want and from the comfort of your home, remember that it is the support of the fruit of your noble work and that in this way you will be able to have the printed voucher, since it is possible that it is preferred or even required in paper format in some places and for the realization of certain types of procedures.

My FONE Portal makes it possible to consult and download digitized payment receipts. In addition, it provides details such as: exact date of payment receipt, date of receipt download, amount of money received and information on its origin (e.g., special bonuses, discounts, etc.). Each receipt includes personal data such as: name, surname and RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes).

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However, SEIEM has also dedicated a large part of its services to teachers, who are undervalued in the educational world and generally do not receive the attention they deserve, much less the benefits they deserve. In this sense, a new portal has been created through which it is possible to carry out a series of procedures, such as consulting the payment vouchers and then downloading them.

Before entering into any type of procedure or process, you must first know how to enter the SEIEM portal, from where you will have access to everything we have already mentioned. This portal will be used as if it were a personal e-mail and it is here where you will receive your pay stubs, notifications from the institution where you work and much more. To request your access, just follow these steps:

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In this option, which is the most recommended of all, you will be asked to enter your personal email address, which is associated with your CURP and the rest of your Mexican IDs. Of course, since it is your personal e-mail, it is much more secure. When you enter it, you will receive an email so that you can change the password.

my fone portal

Welcome to the online guide specialized in the procedures of my FONE Portal. Here you will find all the useful information to carry out online procedures with step-by-step guides.

In addition, the platform of the Fund of Contributions for the Educational Payroll and Operating Expense (FONE), helps when you access it you can make the consultation on your payroll, payment receipts, among others.

The FONE is also in charge of supervising that Mexican teachers receive or are receiving their corresponding salary. This portal offers these experts the facility to have access to their payroll, consultation on other services such as FONE receipt, in addition to the download of this document.

Not only that, but this sheet shows information about the date you have been paid, how much you have received and the day you downloaded it. Actually, this portal was designed to protect teachers and professors.

Now, if you are a teacher and a Mexican citizen and you want to enjoy these benefits, it is essential that you have an account in my FONE portal. But, how can you register? I’ll tell you later.

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