Como cambiar mi contraseña de megacable

Como cambiar mi contraseña de megacable

Change password modem megacable cisco modem de forma

To make the change from your cell phone you must follow the same steps described above for each model, but from the mobile browser. Just make sure your device is connected to your modem’s wireless network and use the browser you have installed.

The modems distributed by Megacable have a reset button, usually red, which allows you to reset the default settings of the equipment. This button is located flush with the modem so that you do not accidentally press it and lose the configuration you have set.

If you think that the modem is not working as it should or you have modified the access data to the configuration panel and you have forgotten them, you can press the reset button using the tip of a pen, needle or pin for a few seconds and it will automatically reset the configuration.

What is the Megacable IP? The IP address is the address that identifies a resource on the network. In the case of Megacable modems, the default IP address can be or

How to change the password of my megacable modem

Do not forget that the networks that we use daily at work and at home to access the Internet service must be properly protected, since the diversity of pages or emails can be victims of computer attacks.  Currently there are users such as hackers whose purpose is to benefit from our data or information.

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We hope you find this information useful, if you have any doubts or questions you can leave a message in our comments section. If you prefer, you can open a new topic in our specialized forums, where expert staff is available to answer any questions.

How to wifi password change

Having the generic password of our wifi router makes us an easy and vulnerable target for any malicious person, such as hackers. In addition to being exposed to wifi theft by our neighbors or other users. Influencing directly in the slowness of connection that this has repercussions.

We recommend you, that to change this model, you are connected by Ethernet cable, then, you will accede to the following url: if it does not allow you to enter to that one, then you will have to accede to this other url:

How to change the password and name of your arris modem

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The process may have slight variations in both the interface and access according to the model of your modem. Use the table below to know the details in each scenario depending on the modem you have:

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