Axtel internet 10 megas

Axtel internet 10 megas

Entel internet

Bienvenido Axtel is a Mexican Information and Communication Technologies company that serves the enterprise, government and wholesale markets, through its business units Alestra (services) and Axtel Networks (infrastructure).

In December 2018 it sold a part of the mass business to Televisa (IZZI), and in May 2019 the remaining part to Megacable. In case you are looking for information on FTTH home services (IZZI), please visit that company’s site

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If you want to contract Internet, Axtel is the option you are looking for. We will tell you all the alternatives, packages, how to contract Axtel Internet and what coverage the company’s Internet service has.

Before hiring Axtel Internet service, it is important to check the following: 1. That Axtel has coverage for the Axtel Xtremo service 2. That the speed and price we are looking for is the desired 3.

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INFORMATION REQUESTHello, I would like you to inform me about your services in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. What would be the cost to install satellite Tv and satellite internet for a small apartment building with 11 apartments.

QuotationWhat’s up good day, the reason for my mail quote a satellite internet for the municipality of tlajomulco in the state of jalisco, in a rural place, likewise the process in which the services are contracted and installed.

Satellite Services for Rural Community Internet Projects in MexicoHello good afternoon, we are interested in introducing to the Mexican market your satellite communication services, we are focused on rural communities for Community Internet, hopefully we can bring your services to the most marginalized areas of Mexico.

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The telecommunications company announced last week that it offers, within its fiber optic internet package Axtel X-tremo, broadband of up to 200 Mbps in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, San Luis Potosí and Querétaro.

The service must be contracted with a telephone line that includes unlimited calls to the United States and Canada for one thousand pesos per month or with the tripleplay package with Axtel TV for an additional 125 pesos.

The question that arises for a user who uses a connection of between 4 and 10 Megabits per second at home to watch social networks, videos and websites is, why do I want so many Megabits per second? Those who use video on demand or online streaming services do not complain with 20 Mbps, but 200 still seems like a lot.

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