Sony dsc-hx60 xataka

Sony dsc-hx60 xataka del momento

sony dsc-hx60 features

* It has manual mode, with aperture, shutter, etc., but the automatic mode is amazing! And not only has one, there is an «advanced automatic» mode that takes several simultaneous photos, adds them together, and gets one correcting noise or deficiencies, it’s the pear!

* The battery is new, but it seems to last a long time, which is appreciated. Oh, and it charges like a cell phone, you plug it into the computer or charger…. it’s the same connector as my cell phone! In other words, the battery is not removed, just like a cell phone, via USB.

* Normally the «artistic» filters on cameras amuse me for a second and then I don’t even look at them. The ones incorporated in this one are amazing, I especially liked the ones that change the image to black and white except for a color you select, red, blue, green or yellow.

* The video, HD, records with a brutal quality, having of course a lens that allows you great panoramas or very strong approaches. And the stabilizer is equivalent to shooting with a tripod, everything is very smooth, professional looking, not those infamous shaky sweeps.

compact camera with manual mode

For those who do not carry heavy reflex cameras or who think that the mobile camera is not enough, compact cameras like the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX60 may be the perfect choice, especially if we find it at prices as competitive as 249 euros at Mediamarkt.

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It records video in full HD, as the current canons dictate, and has WiFi connection to shoot remotely or pass the photos to our smartphone or computer without complications and even to be able to upload photos to social networks.

It has a maximum aperture of f3.5, quite bright in low-light situations, and all the results and camera settings can be seen on its high-quality 3-inch LCD screen.

This camera has an official price of 419 euros, so the discount is considerable; saving us about 170 euros compared to the price of Sony, although to receive it at home, we have to add shipping costs of 2.99 euros or opt for in-store pickup if we prefer to save them. Of course, on Amazon we have it for the same price, and even on eBay, although there the shipping costs are much higher.

sony hx80 xataka

But where is the difference between this model and the RX100? Well, externally what we have already pointed out and a few more little things. For example a screen that this time only turns upwards (although it allows -how not- to take selfies), the MicroSD card slot (instead of SecureDigital) and some more details in the form of connectors … But little else. The rest of the differences are on the inside, in the form of features.

As they are not visible, to find the discrepancies we have to go back to the specifications table where we find the other differences with the RX100. Starting with a viewfinder that, although very similar to that of the RX100 III, has a lower resolution, as does the rear screen.

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As far as focusing is concerned, in general it is fast and effective (following the brand’s general rule), although it is obviously not a model designed for action and/or sports photography (although the burst rate reaches 10 fps). In fact, paradoxically, Continuous AF is not available for still photography, only for video.

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