Premio world press photo

Premio world press photo

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There are all kinds of photo contests, for enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals. Competitions aimed at professionals are the motivation that often inspires us to explore new horizons.

When we talk about contests that reward photojournalism, it is important to emphasize that the photographs cannot be altered in post-production and must have truthful information about the place and date of shooting.

Unlike many of the previous contests, this one is a free participation contest aimed at both amateurs and professionals. It has 14 categories that allow a maximum of 10 photos per category.

Launched by the Japanese brand in 1969, this contest has no other requirements than to take your photos with a Nikon camera. Professionals, amateurs, adults or authorized minors can participate to win great prizes from the brand.

Whether you want to pursue a master’s degree in fashion and advertising photography, an international master’s degree in wedding photography and video, or a master’s degree in photography and post-production, any of these will provide you with the foundation you need to stand out in any photography contest.

national geographic photo contest 2021

Activist Ieshia Evans stands as she offers her hands to be arrested by riot police during a protest against police brutality in front of the Baton Rouge police department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.

A woman leans on two men as she crosses a river as several refugees attempt to reach Macedonia via a route to avoid the border fence. Hundreds of refugees streamed out of an overcrowded camp on Greece’s border with Macedonia that day shortly after the latter country’s borders closed.

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The detention center houses hundreds of women escaping precarious conditions on a daily basis. Many claim they are regularly beaten or sexually assaulted, and receive insufficient amounts of food and water at the center. Most of these women were trying to reach Europe by smuggling routes across the Mediterranean on boats sailing from neighboring Sabratah.

Two war veterans carry respectively the American and Mohawk Warrior Society flags through a snowstorm. The Mohawk flag came to prominence during the Canadian Oka Crisis of 1990, when the Canadian military clashed with the Mohawk Indians in a dispute over their territories.

world press photo

Apart from these two main prizes, the winners of each of the eight categories were also revealed: ‘Contemporary Issues’, ‘General News’, ‘Environment’, ‘Long-Term Projects’, ‘Nature’, ‘Portraits’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Spot News’, all of them (except for Long-Term Projects) divided into two sub-categories, to reward individual images or series of photographs.

For the judges, his image represents «a really beautiful and peaceful photograph that sums up all the unrest in the world of people who want change». In addition, they highlight a young man «who does not shoot, who does not throw a stone, but recites a poem», something that «especially in the times we live in, when there is a lot of violence and a lot of conflicts, it is important that we have an image that inspires people».

The «World Press Photo Story of the Year» award went to ‘Kho, the Genesis of a Revolt’ by Frenchman Romain Laurendeau. It is a collection of photographs that «tells the story of the deep restlessness of Algerian youth who, by daring to defy authority, inspired the rest of their people to join their action, giving rise to the largest protest movement in Algeria in decades.»

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award-winning photos 2021

World Press Photo’s annual photo contest and digital storytelling contest are now open for entries. Both contests are free and open to professional visual journalists.

World Press Photo Foundation is a global platform that connects professionals and audiences through honest visual journalism and storytelling. It was founded in 1955 when a group of Dutch photographers organized a contest («World Press Photo») to expose their work to an international audience.

Since then, the contest has become the world’s most prestigious photography competition, and through its successful worldwide exhibition program, they introduce millions of people to the stories that matter. The World Press Photo Foundation is a creative, independent, non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

An international jury chooses the World Press Photo of the Year and World Press Photo Story of the Year and awards first, second and third prizes in all categories in the World Press Photo Contest.

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