Verb to be contractions

Verb to be contractions

english contractions

If there is one thing that characterizes the more informal version of English, it is contractions. Verbs and negations can be contracted, both orally and in writing, and sometimes they can cause confusion. Today we analyze contractions in English to avoid those doubts and to perfectly control when and how to use them.

We hope that after reading this article you will be clearer about the concept of contractions in English and how to use them, whether with the verb to be, to have, auxiliary verbs, negations… We would love to know if you have any doubts, comment in our What’s Up community!

contracción de is not

En inglés hay combinaciones de dos palabras llamadas contracciones. Por lo general están formadas por un verbo y un pronombre. Sin embargo, no todos los verbos pueden formar parte de una contracción.

PRONOMBRE + WOULD / WILLCONTRACCIÓNI would / I willI’d / I’llyou would/ you willyou’d / you’llshe would/ he willyou’d/ you’llshe would/ she willshe d / she’llit would / it will it’d / it’llwe would / we will we’d / we’llyou would / you willyou’d / you’llthey would/ they willthey’d / they’ll

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VERBO + NOTCONTRACCIÓNare notaren’tcan notcan’tcould notcouldn’tdid notdidn’tdo notdo notesn’thas nothasn’thave nothaven’tis notisn’tmust notmusn’tneed notneedn’tshould notshouldn’twas notwasn’twere notwerenwill notwon’twould notwouldn’t

contraction of does not

How to use contractions in English? You may have asked yourself this question at some point… When speaking or writing in English, certain words are often shortened by eliminating some of their letters or sounds. In this article we will see some examples to make everything clearer. The apostrophe will no longer keep secrets for you!

A contraction is a shorter way of saying or writing a word (or several words) when they are used together. This joining is done by the apostrophe and we can find contractions of various types: the most common are in relation to the formation of negative sentences and when we use auxiliary verbs. Read on to clear up any doubts:

The most typical case and the one you first learn when studying English is undoubtedly the negation formation. Mastering this form is mastering a big part of how to use contractions in English.

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Using contracted forms is part of spoken language or written language in its most informal sense. If we are writing very formal texts, such as legal texts or complaints to the police etc… it is considered more polite to use the full forms, without contractions. However, if what we are writing is a novel, a story, a letter, we can use the contractions of negations and auxiliary verbs without problems.

english contractions examples

Today’s post is dedicated to spoken contractions in English. Contractions are those words that we join together. Often contractions are formed by a verb and a pronoun, although there can also be contractions between the verb and the particle not. We will see a few examples of contractions in English, their use and pronunciation.

As for joining the verb with the negation, it is perfectly valid to make the contraction, that is, you can say contracted or not contracted. And many times the doubt arises whether it is correct or not, but actually it is correct in both ways.

Notice that we have here 2 types of examples: the first 2 sentences are contractions between the pronoun and the auxiliary verb. In I’ll you have to pay attention to the key letter l. In doesn’t, as in isn’t, the o of not is omitted.

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I hope that all these exercises and examples will help you to improve your English level. We place great emphasis on correct English pronunciation in our method, guided by the idea «Sounds good, understand better». If you pronounce well, you will understand better.

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