Songs for learning english

Songs for learning english

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To give your English conversation skills a boost, and make your life easier, we have made a list of the best English songs of 2017 that you can use to improve your language skills.

The songs below are current, popular, and perfect for all English learners in general. Because some contain swear words and adult themes, not all of them are suitable for younger learners.

You can also use this song to learn the correct pronunciation of words like «myths» and «legends» (both meaning the kind of stories that deal with gods or heroes), «testaments» (a sign or proof of something), or «eclipse,» an event that happens when the light of the sun or moon is covered up. You may have heard about the solar eclipse that took place in August 2017.

Description: «Dream pop» is the best category for this song as you literally feel like you are in a fantasy world when you listen to it. The lyrics are not very cheerful.  The song is about feeling like a ghost or spirit when you love someone very much but things don’t work out.

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The first thing you should do is choose songs that fit your level of English. This is important, because if you are just starting to learn the language, you don’t want to choose a song that uses difficult language or is too fast.

We recommend that you start with slow songs that are easy to understand and as you get comfortable, move up a level and choose more advanced songs. If you don’t know where to start, here is a list of the best songs to learn English.

The idea of this exercise is to have fun. So, make a list of your favorite English songs and choose the ones that best fit your English level. Because what better way to learn English than singing along to your favorite artists?

Sit down with a notebook, listen to one of your favorite English songs and write down what you hear. If you’re not sure about something, you can stop the song and listen to that part again. It doesn’t have to be a perfect transcription, you will probably make several mistakes, but the idea of this exercise is that you try to recognize the words you have already learned and develop your language skills. Also, over time this will help you build confidence in using the language.

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English songs are part of popular culture all over the world. We enjoy them, even if we understand little of the language. But, if we know the right technique, we could take advantage of them to improve our pronunciation and comprehension.

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How to select the best songs to learn English? Just because we like a song a lot does not guarantee that it will help us learn or improve our English. There are some criteria that must be met in order for it to offer us good results. In this selection we concentrate on the following:

Under these criteria many of these songs became over time true tributes to love and friendship, while others reflected the feeling of an entire era. In any case, we are sure that most of them will be familiar to you and may be among your list of favorites. How to make the most of these songs to learn English? Listening to the same songs several times is a good idea, but it will be much more enriching to follow a learning dynamic that allows you to appropriate all the details of each melody and practice it following some simple techniques.    We share with you 6 recommendations that will be very useful:

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Last week we gave you 10 songs for A1 and A2 level learners, and this week we have gone one step further and have come up with songs for B1 and B2 level learners.

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Also, in the previous post, we played with you by stealing some words from the lyrics of the songs, did you find it more difficult this way? Or do you prefer us to continue with the game? If in doubt what you think is better, in this post with songs to learn English b1 and b2 we are going to do it differently and we will only put the full text. If for the next post, you prefer to continue with the game, you can comment below in comments.

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