Product design and development

Product design and development

a need that no product has been able to satisfy

Thus a new way of competing in the marketplace emerges, which has been called Time-based competition. Responding quickly to market needs requires mastery of time. This is what Kotler calls «turbo-marketing».

The importance given to the development time of new products, as a factor of competitive advantage, has motivated that one of the main concerns of those in charge of managing this process is to find a series of tools that help to reduce this time.

This process involves a complex set of activities in which most of the functional areas of the organization must be involved. Generally, this development process is divided into five phases or stages:

In the second phase (Evaluation and Selection), those ideas with the greatest chance of success are selected. This evaluation process involves an analysis of the feasibility of the product from different points of view:

how to create a product to sell

The economic success of most businesses depends on the ability to identify customer needs and quickly create products that meet those needs and can be produced at low cost.

A product is something that a company sells to its customers. Product development is the set of activities that begins with the identification of a market opportunity and ends with the production, sale and delivery of the product.

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It is ultimately reflected in the market share and the price customers are willing to pay. Does it meet the needs of the consumer? Is it robust and reliable? How good is the product resulting from the development work?

Development time determines the company’s response time to competition and technological developments, and also includes how quickly the company receives the economic returns from the team’s work. How quickly did the team complete the product development work?

process design

* All the opinions about the online course Multimedia Product Development Course, here compiled, have been filled in voluntarily by our students, through a form that is attached to all of them, together with the materials, or at the end of their course in our Online campus, in which they are invited to leave us their impressions about the course.

This Multimedia Product Development Course offers a specialized training in the subject. We must know in the world of image and sound it is necessary to know the different fields of interactive multimedia product development within the professional area of audiovisual production. Thus, this course aims to provide the necessary knowledge for narrative and technical resources for the development of multimedia audiovisual products and the processing and editing of sources for multimedia audiovisual products.

This Multimedia Product Development Course prepares you to acquire the necessary knowledge for the narrative and technical resources for the development of multimedia audiovisual products and the treatment and edition of sources for multimedia audiovisual products.

difference between product design and product development

Within this area of training we have a wide range of possibilities and job opportunities. In fact, the educational programs in this area are varied: there are courses that provide a more general overview of the sector and serve to introduce you to this field, and other more specialized courses to perfect a specific topic.

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The group of people developing a product forms the project team. It usually has a single leader, who can come from any of the company’s functions. The team can be made up of a core team and an extended team.

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