How to solve a rubix cube

How to solve a rubix cube

26:43how to build a 2×2 rubk cube | beginnersmath teacher alexyoutube – 3 jan 2020

Solving the white edges is intuitive and fairly easy since there are not many pieces already solved that you have to pay attention to. In many cases you will simply have to rotate the piece to where it should go.

If you find it difficult to solve the white corners, here is a simple trick that you can always apply, just learn a short algorithm and repeat it until the piece is well placed:

Take the corner under the place it belongs (the FRU corner, front-right-top) and repeat that algorithm until the corner goes into place in the correct orientation. This algorithm moves the piece between the corners marked in dark in the image, changing its orientation each time.

The solution was simple and intuitive up to this point, but this is where most people get stuck because the algorithms used to complete the second layer require more moves.

We have to learn two algorithms that are symmetrical to each other. The one marked Right sends the edge from the FU (front-up) position to FR (front-right), while the one marked Left sends the part to FL (front-left).

3×3 rubik’s cube algorithms pdf

Have you always found the 3×3 cube too complicated? In this tutorial we are going to try to explain step by step how to make the 3×3 rubik’s cube. Did you know that it has more than 43 trillion combinations? Don’t let this scare you, we are going to use a simple method that will make it easy for you to put it together. It will seem like you are using a trick to solve it ;D.

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Before you start, do you have a good quality rubik’s cube? If you have spent a lot of money on the original Rubik’s cube we are sorry to tell you that its spinning leaves much to be desired and you may despair when you try to solve it and see that it gets stuck. The ones you can buy in the Chinese shops in your neighborhood are not a good option either, the same thing happens to them, and we can assure you that it can be very stressful when the cube gets stuck in the middle of an algorithm.

We are going to give you two recommendations, one for those who just want to learn how to solve it and another for those who plan to practice Speedcubing. For the first I recommend the QiYi Warrior 3×3, a cube with an excellent price-quality ratio and very resistant. For those looking for the best, I recommend the Valk 3 Power M, in my opinion the best 3×3 you can buy today.

original rubik’s cube

In this step, it is important to remember that the very center piece on each side of the cube does not move, so it is that side’s respective color. You must bring all the other pieces with that color to that side. In the following example we bring the red/green piece to match the red and green sides.

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Below are the most common moves for this step. If the cube does not match any of the three starting positions shown below you may have to move some pieces around to get there. You should do this on all four sides in order to make a cross like the «after» image below. So, in the example below, I would first get the red/green block in the right place (as shown in the «after» image) and then do the yellow piece, then blue, then white.

In this step, you will pass the best corners so that they are in the right places. Don’t worry if the colors of the corner pieces don’t match your correct sides, however, we are making sure the corner pieces are in the correct place on the cube. For example, in the «after» image below, the front corner piece should have one red side, one blue side, and one yellow side, even if those colors are not with the correct side yet. Let’s rotate it so the colors all match the correct sides in the next step.

9:38solve rubik’s cube 2×2 (beginners) | hd | tutorial | englishcubyyoutube – 28 apr 2015

Now that we know what the cube looks like in general terms and we have one in our hands, let’s mess it up. As we want. The idea is to give it a couple of turns to start with a somewhat chaotic cube. The first step is to solve the upper cross, leaving it white as above.

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So far it has been pretty easy, although now it gets a little complicated (not much). But don’t worry, we will see all the necessary steps and all the possible cases to complete the upper, white face.

Now that we have the first layer solved, let’s turn the cube over and put the complete white face on the bottom. This way we can work without being distracted by what we have already solved. For a bit of a change, we will now see two other colors (green and orange). We are going to complete the second level or layer, also called the central level.

We already have the white face complete, as well as the next level finished. But we still need a whole row to complete the yellow face. To do this, we start drawing a yellow cross on this face:

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