How to create a youtube channel

How to create a youtube channel

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«YouTube is the largest video site on the internet in the world and the possibility to earn money by uploading content has made it a very popular social network.That’s why nowadays many people want to start and professionalize their career on this platform.»

To log in, go to YouTube and click on the Sign In option that appears in the upper right corner of the main screen. If you have a Gmail account, you can use that same account to log in and start learning how to create a YouTube channel. Otherwise, you will need to create a new account.

Once you log in to YouTube with your Gmail account, you will automatically return to the YouTube home page and you will see that the login button has been transformed into a circle with a letter <O>. However, in case you have chosen a profile picture for your Gmail account, you will see a circle with an image.

Click on Create channel if you agree with YouTube’s policies and you’re done! You’ve done it, now you know how to create a YouTube channel. This way, you can create a YouTube channel from your mobile, tablet or PC.

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One of the best things about our time is that everyone can be heard. Even a beginner can become a reference on a massive level. This is achieved mainly thanks to the various social networks and online platforms. YouTube, with over a billion users, has become one of the most influential and popular platforms worldwide.

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There are many bloggers who have more than a million subscribers, their viewers trust them and listen to what they say. These bloggers create their fame by making videos on various popular topics: it can be a channel dedicated to beauty and fashion, a healthy lifestyle and sport, business and making money, technology products, some educational lessons and more varieties. But there is one rule that unites all these channels in the world of unlimited information: if you want to be heard, you must create interesting, reliable and valuable content.

Well, now we have all the necessary pictures, but it’s not enough. When a user visits your YouTube channel, he wants to know what content he will find there. And you should provide this information in a brief but interesting way. Briefly describe your channel in the «About» section located on the dashboard. If you are going to develop your personal brand, you can add some information about yourself, your achievements, experiences and other interesting facts.

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Every minute about 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, and daily users play about 1 billion hours of videos, which represents a huge amount of views. These figures reflect, in part, the huge reach of the platform and why so many people want to create their own YouTube channel.

But there is another important detail, and that is that being a youtuber not only serves to express your creativity in videos to other users, but it is also possible that you can monetize the content you are able to create.

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Although it may seem redundant, creating a YouTube channel is the first step to be able to start earning money by uploading content on this platform. The process to do so is not complicated, on the contrary, the platform is characterized by being quite friendly and intuitive. To do so, you only need to follow these steps:

When you have already recorded your videos and edited them (if necessary a little editing), it’s time to upload them to your YouTube channel, and there are several ways to upload them to your channel.

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Videos sell and are fashionable on the Internet, I think it is nothing new, which is why every day it becomes more important for any business to have its own channel on YouTube to generate and enhance its visual content strategy from there.

The video, and specifically a YouTube channel serves mainly to reinforce the brand image and gain greater visibility, but also offers many other advantages for any business.

Many readers of this post will think that creating videos is difficult, expensive and does not pay off for social networks, but they are wrong, the video format is easy to make, cheap and, of course, triumphs in social networks.

The platform has features and tools to motivate the click with calls to action and send users to an external web page, or also insert cards so that smartphone users can have another video option to watch.

To motivate the visitor to continue watching videos from our channel, today we have introduced the end screen, an easy and quick way to insert in the video you are watching a box where another of our videos is suggested.

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