Free hosting and domain

Free hosting and domain


But despite this low investment, there are people who can’t (or don’t want to) pay for hosting and look for free hosting… Is it a good idea to host your website on this kind of servers? What are the best options? Is it really advisable to choose them?

If you are looking for an honest answer to that question, it is never. Especially because nowadays you can find excellent professional hosting companies at very good prices. In fact, on our home page we have them ranked.

There you have everything you need to know about the big names in the industry like Webempresa, Raiola Networks or CubeNode (all of them with discount coupons so you pay even less). Even if you don’t want to spend a lot, you can opt for one of the cheap hosting options we recommend.

Another option you have is to create a free website with one of the most popular builders like Wix or Zyro for example, but you have to keep in mind that in this case, if you want to opt for the free version, they will show ads on your website and you will not have your own domain unless you pay for the premium version.


We include a free .com or .net domain registration, so you can use it with your Hosting plan. These two types of extensions (tld) are the ones we offer with the Hosting and Domain plans because they are the most used and popular. The .net and .com domains are ideal for personal, corporate, institutional or any type of project.

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We use the cPanel control panel, which allows us to give you access to a simple interface with the necessary options to manage your website and emails. You will be able to create FTP accesses, create and delete email accounts (mailboxes), FTP accesses, MySQL databases, among many other things. And as if that were not enough, it also allows you to install applications with a single click thanks to the Softaculous addon, install WordPress, Joomla, Pretashop and others very easily.

To encrypt all your communications and those of customers while browsing your website or if they make a purchase or interaction with data from your website, we encrypt everything with digital security certificates Let’s Encrypt and Comodo, these SSLs allow us to provide the best security so that when you start the data transfer between the user and your website, everything is encrypted and totally secure at every step. Our hosting with ssl included guarantees you maximum security.

Web hosting service

The choice of the hosting where you will host your website is crucial, because it will depend on it, for example, that your site will be online all the time, that it will support the amount of daily visitors it receives and it can even affect the speed of your page.

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For this reason, it will always be the most advisable to hire a quality paid hosting service, but as this is not always possible, it is good to know the best free hosting options that are currently on the market. This is precisely what we are talking about in this article.

If, despite the disadvantages we have just mentioned, it is still your idea to try a free hosting, here is a list of the best providers of this type and their main features.

Among the most outstanding features of Lucushost are the one-click installation of different CMS including of course WordPress and PrestaShop, free SSL security certificate and personalized support 24 hours a day. Everything this hosting offers makes you doubt that it is completely free but in reality it is.


Nowadays there are many cheap web hosts that you can use to create your website. But you may be looking for free hosting because your budget is zero or because you simply want to experiment with web hosting without it costing you anything.

It is very normal that these free web hosting services have these limitations, after all they are private companies that aim to make a profit and by giving you service they incur an expense, so they limit a lot what you can do with their free plans.

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As an alternative to free hosting is the cheap web hosting that despite not offering the best performance is a level above the free web hosting. Although if what you want is a solvent hosting to get the best results, take a look at the following ranking.

This company is based in Cyprus although its workers are spread halfway around the world. At the time of writing this post, this free hosting, hosts more than 16 million websites, quite an achievement.

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