Cartoon characters to draw

Cartoon characters to draw

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Creating a cartoon can be time-consuming and complicated, but if you really want your own stories to come to life, the end result can really be worth it.  If you want to create your own cartoon, take the time to educate yourself before embarking on this exciting adventure.

Think about your resources.  Your imagination may be limitless, but your budget and talent most likely are.  As you gather ideas for a cartoon, consider how much you can invest and what your artistic talents can produce.

Use your experiences.  «Writing about what you know» is another way to go.  Many screenwriters write stories based on feelings, events, or relationships they have known in their own lives.  Make a list of life events you have found that could represent the underlying idea behind the cartoon.

Use your imagination.  Of course, there are many scenarios that do not involve any life experiences.  You can use your interests and your imagination to create a completely new idea as long as you include enough relatable details to help people connect with the characters or the story.


Cartoons are everyone’s favorite. Do you want to make your own self-invented cartoon characters? It’s an interesting and entertaining job and can be considered as a career option. Whether on Android or iPhone, it is a real pleasure to work with cartoonist tools.

If you have creativity, the cartoon maker enhances your ability to create cartoons. In this article, we will let you know the top 10 best cartoon maker apps on Android and iPhone.

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Forget the technicalities of making cartoons, as Draw Cartoons app makes it an easy task to do. From drawing cartoons to publishing them is now very simple with this cartoon video making app. Features include:

This app to make cartoon videos is specially created with Android mobile device in mind. Now, making stick figure animations and exporting them to mp4 videos and animated GIFs is just a matter of a few minutes. Animators of the younger generation love the Stick Nodes app, which is basically inspired by the famous stick figure animator Pivot. Features are:


If you want to learn how to create professional cartoon characters, this post could be a great starting point, I will share my top 7 quick drawing exercises for beginners to improve your drawing skills with a little practice, you will be able to draw characters like a pro.

What we learn: we’ll learn how to find lines of action that bring our character to life. With some practice, you will learn to draw dynamic animated characters even in resting poses. When you draw your advertising mascot following a line of action, it is easier to understand and to draw.

Drawing exercise: your task is to create a character that communicates different moods, attitudes and movements without drawing lines, just with the silhouette. If you do a good job, you will be able to communicate what you want just with the silhouette.

What we learn: the pose is one of the most important aspects when it comes to communicating attitudes, which in turn is a fundamental element in a good character. A good silhouette makes it easier and faster to understand the pose of the character. A pose can have different silhouettes depending on the position of the camera, you must learn to place it in the best possible viewing angle.

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bugs bunny

Replace any element in the template with animated text, images, characters, backgrounds or objects from the Animaker library. You can also use your own elements in the video

Replace any element in the template with animated texts, images, characters, backgrounds or objects from the Animaker library. You can also use your own elements in the video

Build realistic cartoon characters with our character generator. Choose from a huge range of props, costumes, facial features and expressions to build millions of unique characters.

Create human-sounding voiceovers for your cartoon videos using our text-to-speech engine. With over 200 voices, 25+ languages and tons of customization options, make your cartoon characters sound as realistic as possible.

Choose from a variety of video templates to create your cartoon videos instantly. Select the template that suits your needs and customize it to your liking without hassle.

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